Airlines across the United States are making it safer and easier to return to life as normal and to charter in the Caribbean & Bahamas this winter season by offering testing for Covid-19 with a turn-around of less than 72 hours.

Looking forward to charter vacations

Looking forward to charter vacations

Health companies have paired with airlines to ensure that travellers can take an FDA-approved test at home (mail-in kits) or in-person (rapid testing at approved airports) and receive the result before making the flight, clearing fellow passengers as well.

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Find out which tests are available for the various airlines and their current costs, and be sure to get the correct test for the country or countries you intend to visit.

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas


United was the first airline to introduce testing and passengers hoping to fly to Hawaii can now take a test at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) with email confirmation received a week beforehand.

Test: Rapid tests administered in-person by SFO, or Drive-up testing by booked appointment 

Cost/Results Turnaround: $250/15 minutes approx., or $110/20-30 minutes approx.

Rapid tests at SFO, administered by GoHealth, cost $250, and results take about 15 minutes. Drive-up testing at a United facility near the airport, meanwhile, takes 20 to 30 minutes and costs $110. Travellers with a direct flight from San Francisco to Hawaii who want to secure testing should receive an email from United one week before their scheduled flight, or they can call United directly.

Beautiful Exumas in America

Beautiful Exumas in America

American Airlines*

LetsGetChecked and CareNow are providing Covid-19 testing to Hawaii, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. A video call with a medical professional at LetsGetChecked allows charter guests to complete the test at home, and the group should order their kits at least five working days beforehand, and add another hour onto their check-in time. 

In-person testing is only available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area within 72 hours of departure.

Test: At-home (LetsGetChecked), or In-person (CareNow) at facility/airport

Cost/Results Turnaround: $129/48 hours, or $150 (clinic) $249 (airport)/72 hours maximum

Hawaiian Airlines*

Hawaiian Airlines is providing two testing possibilities – a health-care professional monitored at-home test from Vault Health or a drive-through option with a more expensive same-day service at the Los Angeles and San Francisco airports.

Test: At-home, or Drive-through

Cost/Results Turnaround: $150/24 hours (within reaching lab), or $90 ($150 premium)/36 hours

Hawaiian Airlines is offering two testing options for its passengers beginning Thursday.

Drive-through appointments at the San Francisco and Los Angeles international airports guarantee a result within 36 hours and cost $90, with a $150 “premium day-of-travel” option also available. At-home mail-in saliva collection kits by Vault Health (also $150) include prepaid shipping and guarantee results within 24 hours of a kit’s arrival at a lab. That process is monitored by a health-care professional via Zoom.

Fun holidays to look forward to on a superyacht

Fun holidays to look forward to on a superyacht


JetBlue has also partnered with Vault Health to provide at-home tests with results within 72 hours at the most. These tests can be ordered on the Vault Health website.

Test: At-home 

Cost/Results Turnaround: $143/72 hours maximum

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Please, check for the latest Coronaviru/Covid-19 pandemic-related requirements and updates with the airlines and destinations directly before your departure, as conditions and rules change frequently.