The Italian Sea Group have announced the launch of their brand-new catamaran THIS IS IT under the Tecnomar brand. This unique and exceptional 43.5 m (142’7″) superyacht will make her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month and is characterised by her unique and bold silhouette.

Superyacht THIS IS IT

The exterior is sinuous and soft and features 600sqm of glass, challenging the perception of what is possible using conventional construction processes. This amount of glass needed careful weight management and the complex profile pushed the limits the aluminium’s capabilities.  Ultimately the optimised shape enhances the hydrodynamic efficiency, leading to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and, therefore, emissions.

The interior mirrors the futuristic exterior and presents with a unique galley featuring polarised glass enabling a subtle connection with the guest areas. Using sophisticated materials including leather and Alcantara, oak and teak plus grey marble with bronze, titanium and carbon creates a stunning and elegant contrast throughout the spaces.

Accommodation is across six suites with The spacious owner’s stateroom featuring a skylight with an 3.3m skylight, superb panoramic terrace and a unique vertical garden spanning two deck and giving the feeling of being in a seaside villa.

Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group Giovanni Costantino had this to say at the launch, “The realisation of this extraordinary project challenges the ‘conventional’ perceptions, driving us to completely recreate the boundaries of aesthetic parameters.” He explained, “The yacht is born as the perfect blend between the desires of a forward-thinking owner and a brand like Tecnomar, capable of taking on such an ambitious and demanding challenge. We will present this iconic yacht for the world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show.”

Tecnomar is recognised as one of the most innovative yacht builders in the world backed by it’s Italian heritage and excellence. Each model aims to balance the elegance of the best Italian nautical tradition and the use of technologies and highly innovative materials.

It is not known if we will see superyacht THIS IS IT on the charter market, but there are plenty of stunning Tecnomar yachts to choose from if you are inspired by their pedigree.