From the 1st of January 2023, luxury yacht charters throughout the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean regions will be made easier as Croatia joins the Eurozone and adopts the Euro currency.

Hvar – Luxury motor sailer yachts in Croatia © Jim Raycroft

Croatia will become the 20th country to join the Eurozone, the last being Lithuania in 2015. The Croatian Kuna will be replaced with the Euro and therefore visitors will no longer need to change currency when coming from other popular yacht charter destinations such as Italy or Greece. Another advantage will be a decrease in transaction costs, leaving more in visitors’ budgets for entertainment and activities.

Hvar Vrboska in Croatia © Jim Raycroft

The Adriatic is one of the top destinations for water sports, particularly Scuba diving and snorkelling due to the number of wrecks at various depths along the coast. Verdant island destinations such as the Kornati Archipelago National Park and Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park are places to sight dolphins, whales and other iconic marine species.

Lotus yacht in Croatia © Jim Raycroft

Impressive world heritage sites, lively summer festivals, flavoursome cuisine and scenic settings throughout Istria and the Dalmatian Coast make Croatia a highly desirable destination even in the spring and autumn shoulder seasons.

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