German shipyard Lürssen has announced that it is building its first luxury yacht with fuel cell technology for a ‘pioneering and technology-driven client’, and while the construction is being kept as secret and secure as all other Lürssen builds, the shipyard has released a new yacht concept ALICE, going beyond the energy-efficient technology of today to imagine what a future Lürssen luxury yacht could look like.

Superyacht project ALICE by Lurssen

The natural world comes aboard with the ponds and park-like surroundings designed for the foredeck, while the interior is composed of living walls that create its own ecosystem, scenting the air with fresh and natural fragrance. The traditional teak decking is replaced by fast-growing, organically farmed wood that meets the same high-quality standards for performance and finish that Lürssen clients always expect.

Deck looking forward

Deck Garden Sunset

M/Y ALICE is more than just about appearances: Her engineering results in carbon neutrality by using emission-free fuel cells that generate electrical energy through hydrogen reformed from green methanol. These fuel cells replace conventional diesel generators and when a higher speed of greater energy is required, an additional methanol engine comes into play.

Night time looking forward

This will be a significant evolution on the current technology, which has come on leaps and bounds when compared to just a decade ago. The fuel cell technology of the first Lürssen luxury yacht will make it possible to anchor emission-free for 15 days or cruise 1,000 nautical miles at an economical speed.


Owner suite at sunset

For superyacht ALICE, on-board energy efficiency is just as vital as environmental sustainability, and to achieve this end waste heat is recovered using the HVAC system and reused for heating and cooling purposes. Mirrored glass windows surrounding the Owner’s deck also serve this purpose, providing thermal insulation and reducing reliance on the air conditioning systems.

Guest suite entrance

Guest suite in the evening

The model for superyacht concept ALICE will be available to view throughout 2022 at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, home to the world’s largest model railway and one of the most popular attractions in Europe.

Night view forward

Aft view by night