Have you ever dreamt of island hopping around the Mediterranean or cruising the Caribbean on board a luxury charter yacht but suffer from the overwhelming discomfort of seasickness? See-LEVEL has the solution!

See-LEVEL founder Dudley Jackson dreamed of bringing up his two children sailing around the Pacific, so he sold his home and moved the family onboard a 40-foot yacht. Within days he realised his dream was impossible – Dudley was among the one in four people prone to seasickness. The family cut their trip to six months amongst New Zealand’s calmer inshore waters, but Dudley’s mind kept racing.

“I thought, if Virtual Reality could have such a powerful effect on the brain that it caused motion sickness, what would happen if things were reversed – could VR remove seasickness just as quickly?”.

And so began his journey to create the brand-new See-LEVEL VR headset which offers fast and effective relief from the symptoms of seasickness by immersing the wearer in an alternative seascape characterised by stability and calm. Experiencing this tranquil virtual world gradually alleviates discomfort and within a few minutes of exposure, wearers begin to feel a sense of relief. Once the headset is removed, most people will be fine, but some may need another few minutes wearing the headset for their symptoms to pass completely.

CharterWorld were excited to try it in the hope of helping one of our very own team, who has endured crippling seasickness for years. And yes …. she really did choose a career in the yacht charter industry despite feeling sick just looking at boats on the water! She emotionally reported it to be ‘life-changing’.

“After 15 minutes of wearing these VR glasses, I removed them and stayed on board successfully for another 24 hours, without a hint of discomfort, nausea or a headache”, she said.

See-LEVEL is available for individuals to purchase and use on their travels, or the new See-LEVEL Yacht Edition is a complete kit designed for charter yachts to keep on board.