When designing Luxury Super Yachts, not only the design is decisive but also, and above all, the feeling, the experience and involvement of the future owners. Of course it is true that “seeing makes buying”!  With this in mind we at CBSPRO, believe that our Concept Designs distinguishes us from our colleague Concept Designers.By performing market research, approaching our followers and contacts within our large network gives us a clear picture of what is going on and what today’s wishes are. This enables us to come up with current and on-demand Concept Designs that take into account the demand and the specific wishes in the market and also of our customers.

This way of working offers much more flexibility and enables customers to follow the first phase of the design without a direct committing to a design company that demands to manage the entire design and engineering.This CBSPRO philosophy and approach results in extreme flexibility and enormous cost savings in the final Concept Design. Together with the shipyard & engineering and a possible broker, one can in this way tender the final Concept Design and one can decide for oneself which offer has the best value for their project.

For our special Commercial Crafts and Offshore Vessels Concept Designs the same criteria apply of course, but with the difference that (by our customers) they often focus less on the experience and feeling, but more on the usability, functionality and purpose of the Concept Designs. “Less is more” money in this often!  Of course we deliver the same commitment and services!


Within the Conceptual design of CBSPRO (taking into account our design philosophy) the presentation and documentation of the Concept Designs is described in a comprehensive and accurate report. At all times we maintain close contact with our customers/customers to ensure the desired end result.

At the end of the Conceptual Design phase we offer the possibility to estimate the materials, calculate costs and perform the desired / required work taking into account the involvement and wishes of the customer / client. In short, a package ready to Tender.


To take the next step towards Conceptual Design, it is often difficult and perhaps also annoying to find the right marketing company that is able to carry out the entire presentation. CBSPRO offers the possibility to carry out this marketing presentation as well. With our expertise of the design and the next steps, we now have an up-to-date and clear picture of the entire Conceptual Design. This makes it easier to present an accurate and appropriate marketing plan!

The marketing material that CBSPRO supplies to its customers includes comparison figures, weight calculations, water displacement calculations, stability calculations, safety aspects, environmental requirements, speed calculations, capacity calculations and so on. Combined with our completed Conceptual Design CBSPRO we ca offer the possibility to provide the full marketing report to support the presentation to: owners, customers, board members, stakeholders, brokers and investors.

A number of conditions that a good marketing strategy must meet according to CBSPRO:

  • The strategy must have a clear choice. A good strategy makes clear what position the organization wants to conquer in the market. The strategy must therefore be sufficiently specific.
  • The strategy must have a good connection to the environmental situation and developments in that environment. If an environment is highly dynamic, a strategy must take this into account. Sustainability is a fundamental development that must be taken into account within the marketing strategy.
  • The strategy must be legitimised by the most important customers, owners or stakeholders. One may have a marketing plan on paper, but it must be implemented.